The most commonly asked question and the one with many answers!

From a physiological point of view, Acupuncture works to increase blood circulation and healing in the affected area. It works to rebalance hormones, switch your body from stressed out ‘fight or flight mode’ into normal ‘rest and recovery mode’. Acupuncture even works to dull down the messages of pain received by the brain to relieve pain in the body.

From a Chinese Medicine point of view, Acupuncture works to ensure the free flow of Qi (energy) so that every part of the body receives enough and can heal and function at its best. It works to rebalance the body, relieve heat when you’re really hot, provide more warmth when your bodies been very cold and to nourish it and restore it when its run down.

Every person has a slightly different Chinese Med ‘pattern’ that their body and symptoms fall into. Once this pattern is treated with Acupuncture (and herbs or cupping when applicable), the main condition AND the other seemingly unrelated symptoms are relieved. This is the magic of Chinese Medicine and how it has such a holistic effect.

At Embrace Acupuncture, your comfort and happiness are our greatest concern. Super fine, pain minimising needles are coupled with the gentlest techniques to leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Some points are chosen close to the effected area (eg on the abdomen for digestive issues) and some are away from the area but along the channel (meridian).

Areas of the body that have thin skin and minimal overlying muscle (eg the hand) can be more sesnsitive than areas with more flesh/muscle (eg the back). Keeping this is mind we keep these points to a minimum and do only what is really needed for relief for the symptoms.

Once the needles have been gently inserted, any discomfort will fade quickly so you can lie back, relax and let the acupuncture do its work!

Most people feel lovely and calm and relaxed after an Acupuncture session. This is one of the best parts of Acupuncture is that it relaxes you whilst working to heal you. Some people feel a bit sleepy after the treatment as your whole body and mind has relaxed.

There may be a little stiffness as you have been in the one position for a little while but this generally fades once you are up and moving.

This will depend on the type of condition, the severity of it, how long you’ve had it and whether we are just alleviating symptoms or working to also prevent reoccurrence.

People generally have one of four responses to their first Acupuncture treatment:

  • Feel an initial relief from the acupuncture but it only lasts a short while – this is a good thing. It shows your body is responding to acupuncture and as each session has an accumulative effect, the duration of relief will keep increasing.
  • Feel a mild initial flare up of symptoms, then they become much less intense than before your treatment. – This is more common with musculoskeletal pain conditions. This is a similar effect to a therapeutic massage where it’s a little more painful but then there’s relief.
  • After your first treatment, you may not notice much of a reduction in symptoms – that’s ok. As acupuncture has an accumulative effect it may take a couple of sessions before a big difference is noticed. Different acupuncture techniques work better for different people, its a matter of finding which technique provides the most relief as fast as possible. If we feel that acupuncture isn’t working for your condition then will refer you to practitioners we know and trust.
  • Or your symptoms greatly reduce after the first treatment and we just keep working to prevent reoccurrence. Fantastic!

We are very passionate acupuncture, love what it does and how it makes us feel afterwards so we encourage everyone to try it at least once. We do everything possible to ensure its gentle and relaxing experience for you.

However if you really dont feel acupuncture is for you then there is still the great options of a Herbal Medicine consult. Book in a regular Acupuncture consult and be sure to let us know before we start and we can just do the full consultation and order herbs for you. We highly recommend trying Acupuncture first!

Please note herbs are addititonal to the consult fee.

Do I need them?

As trained Chinese Herbalists as well as Acupuncturists, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

During your Initial Consultation, our job is to ascertain the most effective way to relieve your symptoms, as quickly as apossible and have you feeling great again! Sometimes this involves just Acupuncture, other times a combination of herbs and Acupuncture is best. If we think herbs are needed we will let you know before hand as they are addititonal to the consult price.

Our herbs are premade into a liquid (other forms available) that’s very easy to dispense and drink. The TGA approved herbs are brewed by an Aussie company according to strict guidelines and delivered straight to your door!

While we absolutely encourage you to try at least one session of Acupuncture with us (not all acupuncturists are alike!), if you strongly feel Acupuncture is not for you, we do offer herbs only consultations, upon request (just book in a regular consultation and advise us that youre not having Acupuncture.

Please call Danielle on 0432 544 610. She may be seeing clients so please leave your name, number and a brief message and she’ll get back to you.


Alternatively, email her at



Embrace Acupuncture is located at 239a Murray Rd Preston, almost on the corner of High st & Murray Rd. It is a 5-10 min walk from Preston Market and Bell Station on the South Morang train line.

We are located at Happy Hubbub which is behind Jika Jika Anglican Parish. Access to Happy Hubbub from Murray Rd, High St and Roseberry Ave (behind the Old Fire Station Cafe).


All consults are inclusive of Acupuncture.

Please allow at least 5 mins for parking and an extra 5 mins before your Initial Consult to fill in any extra forms.

Fertility Initial Consult: $160 – 80mins

Regular Initial Consult: $120 – 55mins

Extended Intitial Consult: $160 – 80mins

Return Patient Consult: $85 – 40mins

When you have made a booking, this appointment space has been kept for you, at the exclusion of others who may want the same appointment time as you. While we do understand things change and can happen, in fairness to the practitioner for holding that time for you, we do have a strict 24h cancellation policy.

Appointment reminders are sent out 2 days before hand, allowing plenty of time to ensure this time is still suitable for you. If less than 24h notice is given to rescheduling or cancelling an appointment, an invoice will be sent out for 50% of the consult fee.

Tues 9am -7pm

Wed 4pm – 7pm

Thurs 1pm – 7pm

Sat 8am – 2pm

1 hour parking is available on all the surrounding streets including Murray Rd, High St & Roseberry Ave. This is ample time for a 45min consult but not recommended for an Initial Consult.

For an Initial Consult, a 2h park is recommended. They are available at the Preston Market, on Central Ave (off Murray Rd) or on Gower St or Murray Rd towards Plenty Rd.

We have HICAPS available at the clinic so if you have Private Health INsurance and it covers Acupuncture, then you can claim instantly and pay only the gap – hooray!