Exciting times in the worlds of research and Chinese Medicine!
Chinese Medicine (usually Acupuncture and herbs) has been used for thousands of years to assist women with their health, from puberty to pregnancy to menopause and beyond. It is an amazing system of medicine that has spread across the globe and helped millions of people. While Chinese Medicine isnt the answer for all people for all conditions, a growing body of research is confirming the efficacy of Chinese Medicine! This page is will continue to be a work in progress. The more good quality research we can find, the more we will pop up here for you to read.

It isnt always smooth sailing though. The most conclusive form of research available is a Systematic Review. This reviews Randomised Control Trials (RCTS’s – subjects dont know which treatment they are getting) and takes into consideration how good the methodology of the studies are.

Obtaining large volumes of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine high-quality data can be tricky for three reasons:

  • Chinese Medicine individualises its treatments according to the patients presenting symptoms. The beauty of it is that you’re receiving personalised care. This doesnt fit very well into a scientific trial where everything needs to be standardised in order to ‘prove’ that something works.
  • Its hard to rule out the placebo effect. Excellent studies have a group comparing the treatment to a ‘fake treatment’ to see which is better. Its hard to do ‘fake Acupuncture’. Given theres more than 300 Acupuncture points on the body, even when researchers choose an Acupuncture point away from the other Acupuncture points, it may be very close to another point thats having a positive effect on the body, which confuses results.
    While its very important to prove that Acupuncture works better than doing nothing, better than the standard of care treatments AND better than placebo, its important to know that placebo effects play a role in any kind of medicine/trial and is often hard to rule out. Eg feeling better after seeing a doctor or taking a tablet.
  • While there is some excellent research coming out across the globe from universities and other institutions, big research projects cost lots of money and that kind of funding isnt always easily accessible for Chinese Medicine research.

Its also important to know, that while we would love to share some of the amazing results we are achieving in our clinic, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency prevents us from using testimonials as no two people or their conditions are the same.

Every person is different, if you would like to find out how we would address your unique situation, please contact us directly.