In the scientific world, period pain is called Primary Dysmenorrhea and it is when it occurs for no known reason. Endometriosis and Adenomyosis are considered separate diagnosis so these studies are not considered relevant to those conditions, stay tuned for more research updates.

Despite Chinese Medicine working to alleviate period pain for approx 2000 years, the current evidence is positive but unfortunately many studies’ methodology and reporting have been of poor quality.
Two systematic reviews of RCT’s have shown a benefit for using Acupuncture to treat period pain and one systematic review found Acupuncture to be a cost-effective treatment for Dysmenorrhoea.

In 2014, Xu et al acknowledged more high quality studies need to be done but from the current data found “Moxibustion and acupoint therapy can relieve pain effectively for individuals with PD, and these treatments have advantages in overall efficiency”

In 2015, Abaraogu et al concluded Acupressure showed evidence of pain relief while acupuncture improved both the mental and the physical components of quality of life” but acknowledged that more high quality of research was needed.

Of course, allowing for different health systems across the globe but overall Kim et al found that “this review demonstrates the cost-effectiveness of acupuncture” including for Dysmenorrhea in 2012.

However, due to the large volume of low-quality studies, the 2016 Cochrane review found there was “insufficient evidence” to make a judgement.

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