The most commonly asked question and the one with many answers!

From a physiological point of view, Acupuncture works to increase blood circulation and healing in the affected area. It works to rebalance hormones, switch your body from stressed out ‘fight or flight mode’ into normal ‘rest and recovery mode’. Acupuncture even works to dull down the messages of pain received by the brain to relieve pain in the body.

From a Chinese Medicine point of view, Acupuncture works to ensure the free flow of Qi (energy) so that every part of the body receives enough and can heal and function at its best. It works to rebalance the body, relieve heat when you’re really hot, provide more warmth when your bodies been very cold and to nourish it and restore it when its run down.

Every person has a slightly different Chinese Med ‘pattern’ that their body and symptoms fall into. Once this pattern is treated with Acupuncture (and herbs or cupping when applicable), the main condition AND the other seemingly unrelated symptoms are relieved. This is the magic of Chinese Medicine and how it has such a holistic effect.