This will depend on the type of condition, the severity of it, how long you’ve had it and whether we are just alleviating symptoms or working to also prevent reoccurrence.

People generally have one of four responses to their first Acupuncture treatment:

  • Feel an initial relief from the acupuncture but it only lasts a short while – this is a good thing. It shows your body is responding to acupuncture and as each session has an accumulative effect, the duration of relief will keep increasing.
  • Feel a mild initial flare up of symptoms, then they become much less intense than before your treatment. – This is more common with musculoskeletal pain conditions. This is a similar effect to a therapeutic massage where it’s a little more painful but then there’s relief.
  • After your first treatment, you may not notice much of a reduction in symptoms – that’s ok. As acupuncture has an accumulative effect it may take a couple of sessions before a big difference is noticed. Different acupuncture techniques work better for different people, its a matter of finding which technique provides the most relief as fast as possible. If we feel that acupuncture isn’t working for your condition then will refer you to practitioners we know and trust.
  • Or your symptoms greatly reduce after the first treatment and we just keep working to prevent reoccurrence. Fantastic!