Do I need them?

As trained Chinese Herbalists as well as Acupuncturists, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

During your Initial Consultation, our job is to ascertain the most effective way to relieve your symptoms, as quickly as apossible and have you feeling great again! Sometimes this involves just Acupuncture, other times a combination of herbs and Acupuncture is best. If we think herbs are needed we will let you know before hand as they are addititonal to the consult price.

Our herbs are premade into a liquid (other forms available) that’s very easy to dispense and drink. The TGA approved herbs are brewed by an Aussie company according to strict guidelines and delivered straight to your door!

While we absolutely encourage you to try at least one session of Acupuncture with us (not all acupuncturists are alike!), if you strongly feel Acupuncture is not for you, we do offer herbs only consultations, upon request (just book in a regular consultation and advise us that youre not having Acupuncture.