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Womens Health

PMS - Period Pain - Regulate Cycle Length & Duration - Hot Flushes

Womens Health

Acupuncture and Herbs work to regulate the body’s hormones, relax the mind and can assist in relieving pre menstrual symptoms, minimising hot flushes, regulating cycle length and duration.

At Embrace Acupuncture, we like to work in with your existing health care practitioner for a more collaborative and holistic approach. You may be referred for tests & scans (where applicable) to rule out serious pathologies, diagnose deficiencies and accurately ascertain what your body needs to be at its healthiest.

Fertility & Pregnancy

Fertility - Regulating Cycles - IVF Support - Labour Induction - Morning Sickness - Post Natal Care

Fertility & Pregnancy

At Embrace Acupuncture, we treat using Acupuncture & Herbs that have been used to assist fertility for more than 2000 years. We then combine this with an integrative approach of utilising diagnostic tests & scans, as a holistic way of treating the body and increasing the likelihood of conception and a well pregnancy.

Acupuncture and Herbs can be used for natural conception or in conjunction with IVF. We regularly see the above conditions responding well to our treatments.

Stress & Anxiety

Chronic Stress - Anxiety - Low Mood - Tension Headaches - Insomnia

Stress & Anxiety

Acupuncture is a beautiful, calming treatment that works to soothe the nervous system and relax the mind. It works by switching the mind and body out of the ‘fight or flight’ stress mode and into the calm ‘rest and restore’ mode. This means the body can focus on its normal functions and heal.

Herbs may be used to compliment Acupuncture and work to treat the physical symptoms of your stress. We regularly see the described conditions responding well to our treatments.

Digestive Health

Bloating - Diarrhoea - Constipation - Chronic Abdominal Pain - Mild Intolerences

Digestive Health

In Chinese Medicine, we acknowledge it’s not just what you eat but how well you absorb those nutrients thats important. The described conditions we have found regularly respond well to Acupuncture, Herbs and individualised food recommendations.

With these treatments working to reduce inflammation and pain, improve healing of the gut and helping you absorb more. Here you can read more about the Chinese Medicine link between gut health and overall health.

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